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About Us

Our Mission

Empower greater independence, quality of life and function for any child in need across all environments

Our Vision

We offer Infinite Solutions with an emphasis on whole child approach, evidence based research and intense early therapy coupled with a strong family commitment towards consistency in supporting every child to reaching their optimum potential through ABA, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy.

Our Philosophy

Infinite Therapy Solutions understands the dedication of parents and caregivers of children with therapy needs. We are dedicated to equipping our families with all the tools needed to improve their child's success through a comprehensive team approach. On staff are a team of licensed Physical, Occupational, Speech and Behavioral Therapists. Through family consultation and team coordination, your children are evaluated with a team of professionals all communicating and on the same page.

Children succeed where they feel comfortable and safe. ITS clinics have been designed to mimic a homelike environment, utilizing calm color palettes versus sterile hospital-like settings. This encourages childrens' willingness to participate in therapy. Children getting treated at ITS clinics will face their therapy challenges with success. Their positive attitudes will match their inviting surroundings.

Beyond experience, compassion and patience are traits that all children and families should expect at ITS. Both parents and caregivers along with the child themselves can face many difficult emotional and physical challenges ahead. The path of each family's journey during the therapeutic process is different, but with compassion and patience, the hurdles can be overcome together.

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