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Physical Therapy

Finding your balance

ITS works with kids ages 0-18 who have suffered an injury, undergone surgery, have a developmental delay or congenital condition. Our licensed Physical Therapists will assess joint range of motion, muscle control, muscle power, motor control, posture, neurological function and posture to improve balance, strength, coordination, and endurance

Do you have concerns with your child's movement, motor development, crawling, walking, playing games, participating in sports, and navigating the environment? If so, a physical therapy evaluation may be right for your child. Our physical therapy tools include a therapeutic gym, rock wall, stairs, swings, jungle gym, trampoline, therapy balls, and the list goes on! Our therapists will engage your child so they have fun while optimizing their maximal physical function so that they are successful in their home, school, playground, and community.

Get Back in the Game

Physical Therapy Sports Medicine helps athletes in returning to their sport after injury. A variety of injuries can occur among children involved in any sport including volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, etc. ITS physical therapists will access the muscle, ligament, and tendon, to determine the flexibility and movement patterns related to their specific injury. Some common injuries that are treated include strains, tendonitis, bursitis, sprains, and walking abnormalities.

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