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Letter To Parents

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Children: We have them, play with them, and work with them. We understand the struggles they present at home, we work to mitigate the struggles they have at school and we understand how the environment may present a challenge to them. We know they come small, big, fearful, uninhibited, awkward, and self confident. We are parents, therapists, and founders of Infinite Therapy Solutions.

We have been colleagues and friends for over 15 years. We are both licensed, practicing clinicians for more than 20 years. We opened ITS in 2015 with the intent to provide the highest quality of care with collaboration of multiple disciplines and individualization. We know that each child is unique and each child deserves the opportunity to be seen for who they are and not pushed into a "protocol" of care because no one size fits all. We wanted to be able to provide all the therapies necessary to succeed and the family unit to thrive from that success. We wanted consistent collaboration between our PTs, OTs, Speech therapists, and ABA therapists - something we haven't been able to find in all our years working. We aim to support families in all avenues of life and so we ask our therapists to gain a greater picture of the child and what systems need enhancement to better his/her present environment. We wanted to provide a boutique, homey feel where children could come in and enjoy "playing" but yet working so hard to maximize their potential. We wanted to build a supportive team of professionals where our families felt at home and comfortable.

And so, these wishes we had throughout our careers were melded together to form this organization called Infinite Therapy Solutions. We welcome you to our family.

With Humble Gratitude,
Poonam & Hillary
Co-Owners, Clinians, Parents, Advocates

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