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Multiverse ABA Program (Daytime)

Unlock your child’s potential in our Multiverse ABA Program (MAP)!

What is Map?

MAP is a comprehensive, daytime, center-based program designed for autistic children from 2-6 years old. Grounded in ABA principles, it employs a holistic strategy to foster independence and guide children towards achieving developmental milestones.

What distinguishes MAP from other ABA programs?
While other ABA programs focus strictly on DTT (Discrete Trial Training), our program fuses structured, trial based, tabletop learning with techniques that utilize the natural environment. These techniques include Pivotal Response Training (PRT) and Natural Environment Teaching (NET). MAP occurs in a fun, colorful environment that encourages creativity, play, and

What is the difference between these methods?

  • DTT - Discrete Trial Training is characterized by its highly structured, one-on-one teaching environment in which tasks are broken down and taught in small increments or trials. DTT is typically conducted at a table with a Behavior Technician and the child.

  • PRT - Pivotal Response Training targets “pivotal” areas of development using play-based therapy to teach new skills.

  • NET - Natural Environment Training incorporates the natural environment into the teaching, development, and generalization of skills.


What will my child be doing during the day?
Each day there is a circle time, play-based instruction, DTT, outdoor play, lunch and snack, and a planned activity. Activities include crafts, sensory play, music and movement, games, and community outings.


What skills does your program help to build?

  • Communication

  • Group and individual play

  • Social Skills

  • Self-help and activities of daily living

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • School readiness

  • Toilet Training

Additionally, our program focuses on increases positive behavior and decreasing maladaptive behavior.

How does your program differ from school or daycare?
In MAP each child has a one-on-one Behavior Technician who is trained in the evidence-based principles of ABA. They are supervised by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst who creates and maintains the child’s individualized program. This program is ideal for children who need more one-on-one care than a school or daycare program can provide.

How do I enroll my child?
Enrollment is open throughout the year. To get started call 201-455-3144 to complete an intake or click on the form below:

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